#1881 Rebecca Kamm is the new editor of NO Magazine

NO Magazine has appointed Rebecca Kamm as its new editor, taking over from Melinda Williams who recently left to take up the dual role of deputy chief editor of Surface Asia and Dwell Asia. Kamm is a Melbourne-based Kiwi who regularly contributes to Sunday and most recently worked as the assistant editor for The Victorian Writer. According to NO publisher Fraser McGregor, “Melinda’s departure left us with big shoes to fill. Delaney and I had worked with Melinda since Pavement days so we were very much a tight little family… [but] Rebecca’s a smart cookie and well in tune with our vision for NO Mag and its progression into the future.” If that progression includes more of the six-degrees-of-separation links between each interview subject, I’d be fascinated to hear some of her ideas – it must be an absolute nightmare keeping that one fresh. But seeing as she’s a Sunday features writer I have no doubts that she’ll rise to the occasion (judging by the extraordinarily high calibre of the weekly’s other contributors). Best of luck to Kamm in the role, and to Williams at Surface.


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  1. Tyler says

    Yay!. I was wondering where the new NO was. Looking forward to the first NO with new editor…When can we expect it? Love NO mag!!!
    Speaking of NZ mags, picked up the new issue of another NZ mag today and noticed the design style has changed to become really similar to NO magazine’s old style(or current style). What is the deal? Does the same person design both mags or is it a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.?

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