#1883 Hanging backstage with my mate Stefano (Gabbana)

Today was an historic day for me: my first time at a D&G show that I was actually invited to (last June I managed to sneak in backstage, but a real life invitation is so much sweeter). It all started yesterday when Yigit from the D&G digital press office (yes they have a digital specific press office, and yes it has more staff than a medium-sized New Zealand company) contacted me asking if I’d like to meet up. We decided on breakfast this morning and while dining on croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice, he asked me why I hadn’t emailed to request an invitation. My response: “I’ve emailed Dolce&Gabbana at least five times to request show tickets over the past three years and never even received a reply. I stopped trying because I couldn’t take the rejection.”

Long story short, he informed me that I was on the list for today’s show and that I would be taken backstage to meet the designers. Sure enough, 4:00pm rolled around, I showed up at Metropol (where the shows are always held), and Yigit was there waiting to take me backstage. I had one goal: to get a photo with both Dolce&Gabbana, but Mr D was nowhere to be found. Stefano Gabbana, however, very kindly obliged.

Special thanks to Yigit for sorting me out with invitations, and to Stefano Gabbana for being an all-round cool guy when I went over for a chat.

It just goes to show – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Build relationships, and the rest will follow.


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  1. Boganpete says

    Is it the lens or do you have tiny feet? 

    Only DG anything I have is their divine mens The One perfume. Fantastic, can’t stop using it. Better than my other fav lacoste Elegance.

    It’s about as close as I get to european fashion houses.

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