#1890 Modern-day armour for the Mugler man

Photos: HommeModel

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, star of last season’s Mugler re-launch, was nowhere to be found at the label’s second outing today, but a familiar face showed up in his stead: Kiwi male model Vinnie Woolston – star of countless Zambesi campaigns –repped locally by 62 Models. He was dressed in a beige suit with gold-plated headband and neckpiece – an armour of sorts – and it formed the key motif for the entire collection: literally, in metallic arm shields, and implied, in the sweaters panelled to resemble a motocross rider’s protective gear.

Of course, modern day men’s armour comes in the form of a business suit, and quite surprisingly, there were several that seemed downright wearable. A lovely example strolled out, its only quirk the zip pockets replacing jets. Oh and the fact that it was mauve. Other 90s hypercolours present included melon and a lime green that creative director (and Lady Gaga stylist) Nicola Formichetti called, “Digital blood”.

One gets the feeling that a Mugler show is as much about humour and shock value as it is about providing men with viable wardrobe choices – after all, how many gents out there will willingly don a pair of black speedos with a leather g-string poking out the top? But take away the show gimmicks, and you’ve got some pieces that even the most conservative y-fronted man will want to wear.

Kiwi male model Vinnie Woolston.


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