#1891 A message to the guy at Arco Hotel in Milan

I can only imagine that the sculptor of this fine piece of art (seen outside the Salvatore Ferragamo show venue) had simply had it with that special brand of Milanese customer service. An example – when I checked out of my hotel the other morning, I stored my suitcase in the luggage locker, paid my bill, then said to the guy at reception: “Oh, hold on a second, I just need to use the bathroom.” His response: “No. Only guests may use the bathroom.” He wasn’t joking. I had to walk down the road to the nearest McDonald’s. If only I’d had a mini reproduction of this sculpture to wave in his face. Why is it that you only think about such things after the event? But now that I’ve got all the time in the world to come up with an appropriate response, here it is: Hey guy, you’re a big stupid jerk so just shut up anyway.


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  1. Jen says

    The Italians are the new French.  Arrogant, rude and highly pretentious.  I had the identical experience in Milan at a 4 star hotel.  Totally put me off.  NZ 2 star service = Italian 4 star.

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