#1892 Kim Jones reinvented the Damier check (and triumphed) in his first Louis Vuitton collection

Photos: HommeModel

It was a cool day here in Paris, just 16 degrees when Louis Vuitton was scheduled to start. Inside the venue – a glass box atop a hill in Parc Andre Citroen – the temperatures were reaching insanity-high points. So there we were, waiting for the show to start, waiting, waiting, sweat pouring down our faces, wishing we had our own personal cooling devices, when the reason for our heated delay arrived. Kanye West – with entourage – strolled down the catwalk and sat front row and centre next to Louis Vuitton’s president. And with Mr West in the house, we could begin.

It was former Dunhill creative director Kim Jones’ first outing at Louis Vuitton, and he started crisply with a series of suits and suit separates in cool blues and greys; white shirts open at the neck, knit-ties loosened nonchalantly below. Two key themes were immediately apparent: sportswear and the great outdoors, fused together most notably in the house’s signature Damier check reinvented in a blue and red plaid, not unlike a typical picnic blanket. Styled with khaki pants, safari jackets and luxury hiking packs, it was clear that this was a man who was going to enjoy summer away from the office.

Kim Jones should be proud – it was the best-looking Louis Vuitton show in seasons. And Kanye West, the Louis Vuitton-Don himself obviously approved – he was last to arrive and the last to leave and the grin never left his face. (Though one can only assume when you’re Kanye West you’ve probably got a lot to be smiling about.)


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