#1893 Kanye West is in the house at the Paris menswear shows

I wasn’t lying the other day when I said that few things excite me more than arriving in Paris and receiving my invitations for the shows. But one of those few things is heading to the Louis Vuitton show on day one of Paris menswear and snapping away a few shots of Kanye West as he walks in the door, sits down at his seat, watches the show and then leaves at the end. What can I say? I’m a diehard fan. Today he arrived wearing a simple white tee, jeans and Louis Vuitton sneaker combo, with the most enormous Jesus piece that you’ve ever seen. According to Michael Hainey of GQ, West designed it in collaboration with Murakami. After the show I tried to grab Kanye for a few quick questions, but he told me he wasn’t doing interviews. Pity, I was quite keen to ask him if he would be keen to feature in the Singapore Shufflin’ sequel. Maybe next time.


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  1. fashion westie says

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan as well..though not as big as you methinks, what with your word-for-word renditions of every song [?] in his back catalogue. However, why is he making “I smell poo!” facials? He is the man. He can make that face if he wants. But I’m just dying to know what happened at THAT moment to warrant such a face? Did his buddy in the blue shirt making baseball signs drop a little “pfft”?

  2. AgonyAuntArthur says

    Is there an unwritten law at fashion shows that says: If you make it to the front row you can wear whatever and no one will question it? Because the Micheal Stipe look a like, looks like he rolled out of a charity clothing bin.

    If that is Micheal Stipe: No foul.

  3. AgonyAuntArthur says

    My bad that is Michael Stipe, he can roll out of any dumpster he wants.

    Best they got these guys in, the collection’s nothing to sing about, tan / taupe and red?

    Get back to club wear Kim!

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