#1894 Dries van Noten designed resort-wear for fighter pilots

Photos: Sonny Vandevelde

An airforce vacation seemed to be the idea behind Dries van Noten’s collection this evening, and what a thematically disparate notion it was. Half buttoned-up, half hanging-out; tricolour stripes and military ranking symbols; shorts and fisherman’s knits; trench coats and cargo jackets. It was as if the strictest adherent of military convention had been given forced-leave, but wasn’t quite able to enjoy it without retaining a sense of his rank and order. All themes aside, the clothes themselves were classic Dries van Noten – technically advanced fabrics, the richest imaginable colours and stunning patterns. Non-military men will no doubt enjoy them too, hopefully both at work and at play.


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  1. Melbourne says

    Dear Isaac,

    It seems only yesterday that I was reading about your dismissal from Urbis magazine and viewing your Isaac hits Paris photos for the 1st time. I hate tall poppy’s most of the time but you are awesome and I reckon your site needs an ‘About Me’ or a post about how you got to where you are today. Is this your fulltime job? How often do you travel? is it all expenses paid? and who pays?
    You are an inspiration and keep living the dream.

    Love, Melbourne xxx

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