#1895 Judging by the show invitation, Kenzo is taking us on a tropical voyage this summer

Kenzo’s invitation just arrived on my doorstep and I reckon it’s the best one I’ve seen all season – it’s a blowup globe with a little origami ship inside. The map is zoomed in on Hawaii, so one can only assume that there’s gonna be a little island flavour in the mix (though the reverse side features a tiger stalking some tropical fish, so maybe it’s a pan-Pacific/Indian Ocean expedition). Just in case you were wondering, yes that is the Eiffel Tower in the background of the photo, yes this was shot on the balcony of my apartment here in Paris, yes it was the single most adventurous thing I’ve ever done (heights are by far and large my greatest fear), and yes they did name me Miller Hindin. But I digress… Can’t wait to see the Kenzo show! It’s always one of my favourites here in Paris, and it is scheduled to walk in exactly 24 hours. Let the countdown begin.


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  1. fashion westie says

    You can dedicate a room in your house, like a shrine, to show invites. Imagine the retrospective show you could hold in, like, 50 years time? Invite me though.

  2. bni niu says

    レイバン サングラスは70年以上前に誕生してから、今までもサングラスの業界を統治しています。フレームの色が少し変わるだけで、ファッションのトレンドをしっかり把握しています。あのレイバン ウェイファーラーの数は限るし、見分け方も簡単で、偽物はすぐばれてしまうが、最近、レイバン RB2140は人気があるから、選別に注意してください。

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