#1897 Usher showed up at the Kris van Assche show today

Well slap my face and call me Charlie if this isn’t a coincidence: last time I saw Usher Raymond (yeah, we’re on first and last name basis) was on day two of the Paris menswear shows in June 2009 (photographic evidence above). Today, on day two of the 2011 menswear collections, he turned up once again (photographic evidence below). I was seated mere centimetres behind him at Kris van Assche and had I wanted to, could have reached over and tapped him on the shoulder. But I didn’t. Next time though, I swear I’ll show him my A-Town stomp. Oh, my, God. Yeah! Okay, that’s enough non-specific Usher puns for one day. Where you at Yeezy?


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