#1904 Hanging in Paris with my main man Usher Raymond

Photo: Dayne Johnston

Usher arrived late to Raf Simons’ show on Saturday night and had to walk down the stairs – bodyguard and shawties in tow – as 500 audience members watched on. Where mortal men would have cracked under the pressure, the man handled it like a pro. (Check my video below – I reckon he made a pretty sweet entrance.) After the show, I found myself standing next to him and in a coincidentally similar moment to the same event two years ago, I threw my camera to Zambesi’s Dayne Johnston to take a snap. I love it how the bouncer is contemplating whether or not my raised fingers are a weapon of some sort. Spoiler: they weren’t. You might notice that Mr Raymond is rocking a head to toe Raf Simons look – perhaps Simons is a fan? With songs like this, I ask you: how could he not be?*

*If you think I’m being sarcastic then you don’t know me at all.


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  1. Jenny says

    I  actually think he’s wondering if you’re going to take a weapon of some description out of your satchel!!

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