#1909 Le Loir Dans La Théière makes the best lemon meringue pie in the whole dang world

I am not a food person. I can’t profess to having a sophisticated palate, any particular skill in the kitchen, or any real interest in developing either. If I could get all my dietary requirements from a pill, I would. My favourite foods are corn chips, watermelon, french fries, guacamole, sandwiches, and toast with avocado and tomato (Dizengoff does it best). But whenever I tell people I’m going to Paris I end up getting stuck in one of those awkward conversations about how amazing the food is, how the restaurants are out of this world and how I must be ever so excited about all the eating I’m soon to be doing – after all, Paris is a gourmand’s dream city. The truth is, I don’t really like French food. I find it heavy and way too saucy and filled with peculiar things that I don’t want to put in my mouth like liver and pâté. However: there is one place that I have to go to every time I come to Paris – Le Loir Dans La Théière. It’s a cafe in Le Marais that specialises in lemon meringue pie, and in my extremely humble opinion, theirs is the best in the whole dang world.

The meringue is at least 15 centimetres tall, and thick as freshly whipped shaving cream.

The citrus is tart and perfectly counteracts the sweetness of the meringue.

The base is soft and delicious and crumbles in your mouth with every bite.

I can’t imagine a better way to spend €6.50 (or an afternoon) in Paris.

Attempting to eat a slice by oneself is a fool’s errand – I’d advise sharing it with two friends.

Le Loir Dans La Théière is situated at 3 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris.


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  1. LJ says

    You know you’re running out of Paris blog topics when you’re rehashing stories from previous trips…

  2. isaaclikes says

     Actually, yesterday they were quite friendly (by Parisian standards). And by that I mean that I wasn’t scolded or talked to like I was a complete idiot.

  3. Koolsroos says

    Yamm, Yamm , one (I) could eat your photo’s  they are of such rare quality.,
    really,  I could even eat the picture of the sign of Le Loir dans la théiere.
    and almost taste the lemon meringue pie now,
    sitting behind the screen in the middle of the night.

    Actually I was enjoying your stories about Caitlin and Edmond and then looking further I saw your incredible talent everywhere; all of your photo’s have the same moving quality ; as if everything will jump of the screen and just walk by- everything comes to live;  people do not pose for you, they just are who they are. 

    I am nearly breathless and in awe. How do you do this
    And then liking Maori too

    You are the Communicator that can enhance every communication.
    You are so true to life! it is an not before described quality of very fine tuning  and a very delicate touch that doesnot need anything. Natura Artis Magistra.

    and you are the Ligth of the Summer itself

    You must understand what I am saying. Now we only have to find a word – in any language.

    thanks so very much!


  4. Isaac says

    Nice pics!  I was just writing a review about this place on TripAdvisor and wanted to see if they had a website and your blog was one of the first to pop up in the search.  Weird because my name is also Isaac and I like this restaurant in Paris as well (it’s my favorite, actually)…but I’ve never had the pie!  Now i feel like I have to go back…and soon!

  5. says

    If I could get all my nutrients from a pill, I would, too! And I live in Paris, which makes it weird when people wax poetic, but that lemon action really IS the best in the whole dang world.

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