#1910 A night at Le Montana

Me and Jenny Albright at Le Montana.

Thanks in no small part to Kiwi expat (and French modelling sensation) Stella Maxwell, I have a pretty sweet crew of friends here in Paris. They include Le Montana resident DJs Wladimir Schall and Rafael Wallon and androgynous model/extreme hot babe Agathe Moulin. Jenny Albright (aka the rapping model) is also in town right now, as is Kiwi India Ross, plus there’s my amazing roommate Tessa Taittinger, so there are plenty of people around to keep me entertained on my nights off from work. Last night I headed to Le Montana in St Germain to watch Wladimir and Rafael DJ – I’m pretty sure that they’re the only guys in this city who can mix Busta Rhymes with Phoenix and make it sound good – besides People of Paris they’re the best at getting the dance floor jumping that I’ve ever had the pleasure of partying with. It’s early days yet, but I may need to start making enquiries into French permanent residency. I love this town.

Agathe Mougin.

The DJ booth wall of fame.

Jenny Albright’s winged skull cut-out tee.

Me and Wladimir Schall.

Me and Agathe Mougin.

Me and India Ross.

Wladimir’s Dada tattoo.

Agathe’s cut-out skull tee.

Wladimir Schall and Rafael Wallon.

Jenny Albright and her boyfriend Alexander Norton.


Me and Stella Maxwell.


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