#1911 Fashion Media Fatigue

Photo: Haw-Lin

I used to wake up every morning so excited to read the latest news on all these fashion gossip/current affairs sites, and now they’re all so incredibly irrelevant to me. Their sole interest seems to be in perpetuating the petty disagreements between designers or jumping on the latest model issue band-wagon to get a few extra hits due to their unique take on what every single other website is saying. It’s all so played out.

I’m sure she’s a very lovely woman, but does it really matter what Kate Moss wore to her wedding? Does it really matter what Michelle Obama wears, ever? Does Pippa Middleton’s ass really warrant that much attention? (I’m sure it’s a great ass, but y’know, in the grand scheme of things.)

More impressive are the people who are actually going out there and creating something – the designers, stylists, photographers, bloggers and writers who are providing the world with original content, not rehashed press releases or reports on other reporter’s reports.

I just think there must be more to life than reading about all these really, really, really, ridiculously, good-looking people. And I plan on finding out what that is.


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  1. fashion westie says

    Yeah boyee! I don’t care about Pip’s Ass, Obamas threads or anyone’s wedding dress. I just don’t care. If it’s “fashiony stuff” that can take the cover of NW or Famous- it ain’t worth knowing.

    Bring us the REAL deal, sir….original content for the win…please!

    {and most of them aren’t that ridiculously good looking without their celeb status and designer label access anyway}

  2. isaaclikes says

    Steve Zissou’s face has fatigue stamped all over it. I couldn’t have gone any other way.
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  3. AgonyAuntArthur says

    I often find your angle
    very PR/tabloid, especially when you take photos of, and have photos
    with celebrities, but then you’ll contradict your image by
    questioning why we’re all interested in celebrity with this sort of
    critique… an about face? (What I would love to see you do is
    interview the celebs about the shows, now that would give me a reason
    to care about their taste in…just ran that through in my head, it
    would be a disaster… and remembered what a PR friend said to me
    once “They’re not people they’re entertainment, at the least, enjoy
    watching them die on stage”)


  4. isaaclikes says

    Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrities as much as the next guy, but more on a personal HOLLA I JUST MET SOMEBODY FAMOUS kind of level. What I’m saying is that I don’t get as excited reading about petty squabbles as I once did, and that I certainly never got excited reading about anybody’s wedding.

  5. AgonyAuntArthur says

    I think the fashion industry caters to the desires and insecurities of people with desires and insecurities. A big desire/ insecurity for most would be sex (and all that is associated – attraction, acceptance, anorexia, Kim Kardashian, Gossip Girl, weddings, kids… TMZ.com)

    I think your niche (what keeps me reading your blog) is media commentary. The parameters of media in the last 5 years have been obliterated, yet the formula ie ‘sex sells’ is still as valid as ever. The way we see our desires will always change, which is why fashion is such an interesting industry to be in… I think we’re the wrong demographic for TMZ Isaac

  6. Katherine says

    I think it’s a matter of not reading that stuff if you’re not into it. I manage to subscribe to at least 5 big sites that write that sort of thing on a daily basis and i just avoid the articles I’m not interested in.

    I wouldn’t expect (or even want) people to read my blog if they weren’t interested in what I had to say or the topics I write about.

    And there must be people interested because so many sites continue to post celebrity fashion/gossip – you wouldn’t do so if there was no response. I can understand seeing the same story 6 times a day can be kind of annoying but not everyone is a fashion blogger. I dont think your average person would subscribe or look at all the big fashion news sites on a regular basis. I think they’d stick to their favourite.

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but ultimately the reader decides whether they want to see that stuff or not, right?

    Whatever floats your boat, you know?

  7. says

    Great post Isaac. I find it annoying that most celebrities who are lauded and fawned over for their fashion sense (Rihanna et al) are dressed by someone else! Why do they get cred? It’s like people who use a chef’s recipe line by line then the dinner guests think they are some kind of gourmet savant. Like you say, the the designers, stylists, photographers deserve more . Pippa’s arse – zzzzz. It aint that great! (More the shape of Ms Burton’s dress) Mrs Obama? Whatever. But Kate – must admit I am a Kate-phile that pored over the wedding pics! At least she seems to actually have her own style.

  8. Annonymous says

    Its good that you plan on finding out about what else there is in life as you seem to be doing the exact same thing you’re complaining about? I dont get it.

  9. Almazemily says

    I agree with LoulouBlue. It’s funny that celeb’s make the tabloids all the time and are praised for being ‘stylish’, however in actual fact they are dressed by somebody else! I find it quite frustrating that a stylist can put so much work and time into coming up with new and innovative looks, and sniffing out what’s going to be hot long before it is, however nobody ever seems to give them praise! I suppose that is part of the job though – you have to learn to get over it. Still, I admire celebs that make their own decisions on what to wear and those are really the only celebs that i want to hear about fashion-wise. People want to hear about fashionable people that know how to dress themselves (hence why street style blogs are so popular)! So if all we’re seeing of celebs fashion-wise is somebody elses work, then shouldn’t we be hearing about those people, not the celebs?

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