#1917 Caitlin Lomax walked up to Karl Lagerfeld and said, “Hey! How’s it going?”

Karl Lagerfeld and Caitlin Lomax.

As a model working in Paris for the first time, booking the Chanel Haute Couture show must be up there with non-models getting the dream job they’ve been hoping for their whole adult career. So it was for Australians Caitlin Lomax, Claire Collins and Rose Smith last night: all three had just arrived in Paris, went along to the casting, met Karl Lagerfeld and got booked to walk. Simple as that. Collins hadn’t ever walked a fashion show before. Crazy. I asked Lomax to snap a few backstage shots for me and she very kindly obliged, sending me the one of her and Karl Lagerfeld above, plus another in her outfit and one with Smith and Collins. This morning I called her up to ask about the experience, which she described as being happy, scary, nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time. Here’s what she had to say for herself.

Isaac Hindin Miller: How long have you been in Paris?
Caitlin Lomax: Just over a month now.

IHM: Is this your first time working in Europe?
CL: Yes! So I was super stoked that the first show I booked was Chanel!

IHM: Describe the Chanel casting.
CL: The Chanel casting was just like every other casting really. They make you walk, look at your book and measure you.

IHM: What was it like meeting Karl Lagerfeld? Did you talk to him?
CL: I met Karl Lagerfeld at my fitting and I said “Hey! How’s it going?” Man I’m lame sometimes (laughs). Then I saw him again backstage at the show! 

IHM: How was the scene backstage at the show?
CL: The catering was amazing! And the toilets were all in theme as well! I almost got a picture but you know, I was trying to act cool (laughs).

IHM: What sort of food were they serving?
CL: It was amazing but let me go into detail (laughs). There was so much of it for starters. There were plates and plates of raw vegetable strips and a heap of dips, they also had beans and cups of fruit salad, there was meat there but I don’t eat meat so I didn’t really take notice of it. I can’t remember what else. It was like – when one plate was empty something new would appear.

IHM: Were you nervous? Excited? Freaking out?
CL: I wasn’t really feeling anything until after we finished the rehearsal, then I was like happy, scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. There were so many top models there I was like eeeeeeeek do I talk to them? I was really excited and stoked for Australia because there were four Aussies in the show: Claire Collins, Rose Smith, Julia Nobis and myself.

IHM: What were you thinking about when you walked out onto the catwalk?
CL: I’m pretty sure I was thinking about what look I was gonna give to the cameras – blue steel or magnum (laughs).

IHM: Amazing! So what’s happening next?
CL: Well it’s a secret! But I am going to NYC in three weeks!

Caitlin Lomax backstage at Chanel in her show outfit.

Claire Collins, Rose Smith and Caitlin Lomax.


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  1. says

    She is gorgeous, I really hope to see more of her around in the future. :p Quite a snag, booking Chanel for her first EU show!  Also, I love her comment about the toilets. Now I’m super curious to see them!

  2. Sacha Strebe says

    they are all so beautiful! we truly have some incred aussie models! love it. can’t wait for show season to start soon

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