#1922 Emily Baker booked the Gucci Fall 2011/2012 campaign!

The Crusaders may have lost the Super 15 final to the Reds, the Silver Ferns may have lost the Netball World Cup to the Australians, but what does sport matter when New Zealand has its very own supermodel in the making? Emily Baker booked the Gucci Fall 2011/2012 campaign! Rumours have been flying for the past month or so about a big campaign score for the Kiwi 17 year old (who, just this week was not able to walk the Chanel Haute Couture show due to her under-18 age status), and when her DSQUARED2 campaign was released on Wednesday, many thought that was the one. But many were wrong. Behold: Emily Baker in all her glory as shot by famed photographic duo Mert and Marcus for Gucci’s Fall 2011/2012 campaign.

Baker, currently ranked 31 in the models.com top 50 list, is joined by Abbey Lee Kershaw (ranked fifth equal), Sigrid Agren (ranked number 15) and Joan Smalls (tied in fifth place with Kershaw). That, my friends, is what you call a star studded cast. Methinks this is just the peak of the iceberg for Emily Baker.


*In case you don’t already know, Emily Baker is the blonde girl in the bottom right corner of the first photograph, and the girl lounging on the couch in the second. The guy kissing Joan Smalls in the second shot is Lenz von Johnston.


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  1. Amanda says

    OH MY GOSH!!! Amazing!! That is all so worth shouting from the rooftops…Go the Kiwi’s allright! So much excitement. That has just made our day another Kiwi making it big. HappyDays! From all of us here at Red11 xxx

  2. says

    Supermodel on the making! I’m glad she scored herself Gucci, it doesn’t really get any better than being anointed by Mrs. Giannini huh?

     Hope it opens a lot of new opportunities for her! I think of her as the new Lara Stone!

  3. Di says

    an amazing achievment for any model, let alone a 17 year old from Matamata! I love her stare,she deserves to be next to Joan,Abbey and Sigrid

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