#1926 Swide interviewed me backstage at the D&G show in Milan

A few weeks ago when I was in Milan for the menswear shows, something happened that had never happened before: I was invited to the D&G show, taken backstage to meet Stefano Gabbana, introduced to the team (where famed hairdresser Guido sent a very special message to Kiwi Richard Kavanagh) and interviewed for Dolce and Gabbana’s own social media platform Swide. The interview was conducted by Yigit (not his real name) – the guy behind Dolce and Gabbana’s famed anonymous Twitter account IWORK4DG. We discussed social media – from going viral to the close relationship between editorial and e-commerce, advice for bloggers and whether or not I think the front row will ever change. The best bit about the video: they cut it with a heap of footage of both Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber. It honestly doesn’t get any better than that. Check it out, above.


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  1. Nikau Gabrielle says

    Isaac this is incredible! Such a great interview. You spoke so eloquently and your answers were so good! :)

  2. Arty says

    haha Cute! LOL … the Rebbeca Black and Justin Bieber parts.

    I think I never commented here, on your blog. But I just wanted to say thank I always read your post. I think you write very well and you have your own point of you, which is great. And I think you really deserve recognition.

    So, congratulations on your success. I’m sure you’ll have tons of good opportunities in the future. :)



  3. A says

    You’re amazing. So glad you blog and that you’re from NZ as well. 
    After all this time and you’re STILL the only blog i read – period. 

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