#1930 Caitlin Lomax shot Prada, and the upward trajectory continues

Photos: Vogue

One of the things that I find so endlessly fascinating about the fashion industry is how one minute a kid is walking down the street, minding their own business, and the next they’re flying all around the world, walking shows for the top designers, shooting campaigns, attending the right parties and all that other good stuff. The end game isn’t the exciting bit for me though, it’s watching the process as it happens. It’s not often as overnight a success story as you’d imagine (Lara Stone modelled for seven years before she became the Lara Stone, as we know her today), but when the ball starts rolling, there’s no looking back. It’s early days yet, but I’m pretty sure that Caitlin Lomax is poised for some of that greatness.

The Australian 19 year old debuted successfully in Sydney, worked every day for six weeks in New Zealand, did the rounds in Asia, then landed in Paris a few weeks ago. Her first show in the city was Chanel Haute Couture, and just two days later she was hand-picked by Russell Marsh (the world’s most powerful casting director) to fly to Milan to shoot Prada’s Resort 2012 collection lookbook.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Lomax and her boyfriend (Dutch male model Edmond Roosendaal) over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve gotta say it could not happen to a cooler girl. Despite the fact that she’s as Australian as they come, I’m claiming her as a New Zealander due to her Auckland-based mother agency Red 11. So with that in mind, GO THE KIWIS!

We’ll await progress with keen interest.


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  1. Aaron says

    It’s kind of odd that they’ve retouched her legs in these shots but left the bags under her eyes.

    Yay for Caitlin though. She’s awesome!

  2. Morse&Nobel.com says

    Why is it that Prada clothes look always better in magazines (at least to me). I often  see Prada on girls in NYc, on the street, and it never impresses me. Quite the opposite, I swear never to wear it! And, then, again, I get to see it in the magazine, or on line (as you have it here) and  it all looks  heavenly!…
    Is it, maybe, that all those prints are not easily put together, and for the magazine there is always a skillful artist-stylist who knows exactly the “amount” of it to cast in, like in an extremely exquisite recipe? Could be! 

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