#1931 My whole world is falling apart

My camera was stolen on Friday night. It’s my fault really, I left it somewhere I thought was safe and it obviously wasn’t as safe as I thought it was and when I returned it was gone. Thus the Photobooth shot above. (And the pained expression.) But in possibly more distressing news, my favourite pair of beige pants that I have had repaired and patched a million times has an absolutely gargantuan hole in the knee, and I only have one other pair of pants here with me. To normal people this wouldn’t pose much of a problem – they’d just head down to the closest shop and pick up a new pair. But I am not normal, and these are no ordinary trousers. They’re made to measure to my exacting specifications by Crane Brothers in Auckland, and they’re the only pants that I ever wear. But honestly – to be real for a minute – the camera being stolen is approximately seven times worse than the pants problem (in monetary terms, anyway). And I have no insurance. So pretty much what I’m saying is: GD it.


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  1. Ash says

    Damn it camera thieves!
    How did you thrash your knee?
    Looks like a clean split, prancing split?
    Send them my way I repair these things.

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