#1932 And here’s the full Boys of Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 video

As teased on Friday, here’s Justin Wu‘s latest all singing, all dancing male model extravaganza video, to the tune of A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley. Particular moments of note include the 21 second single shot intro featuring eight different models in one model apartment; the Bruce Lee ninja spinning-kick dude at 50sec (guy’s got mad skillz); Paolo Roldan’s toprock at 54sec (b-boys can spot b-boys a mile away); every time Adrian Cardoso comes on camera; Thiago Santos’ L-kick at 2:07; Anthon Wellsjo’s over the shoulder “Satisfy Me” at 2:17; capoeira at 2:31; Aiden Andrews’ ukelele cameo at 3:08; and the superman flying shot at 3:18. I had lunch with Justin Wu yesterday and he told me that he asked each model if they had any particular talents during the casting sessions. As evidenced above, these boys are not just pretty faces. Congratulations to Justin on a job well done – here’s to many more where that came from.


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