#1935 The Photo Booth Diaries #2

Another day sans camera, another Photo Booth Diary. This is actually a photo boothed reproduction of an outfit shoot I did with my camera, specifically intended to show off the fact that I was wearing my Mark McNairys without socks. I’ve done it three times now; the first two I strolled around without a care in the world, the third time I gave myself blisters the size of 50 cent coins and had to borrow a poor girl’s socks because I was bleeding on the inside of my shoes. That was Saturday night and I haven’t attempted it again – besides gingerly walking around my apartment to take these pictures – due to the fact that the blisters haven’t healed yet. So when they say that you should wear sockettes or loafer socks to achieve the sans sock look, believe them. In other exciting news, Entourage season eight starts in four days and have you seen Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle? The guy lost 50 pounds! That is some next level LDD ish.

I’m wearing: a Uniqlo short sleeve shirt, Gubb and Mackie pocket tee, Crane Brothers pants and Mark McNairy suede longwings.


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  1. sonny says

    talk about an overload of pictures of yourself
    maybe the Paris gods had a hand in the camera, it was a divine message perhaps to cut down on the pics of yourself
    ( this coming from a fan who loves photos of himself )

  2. TheCelibateGay says

    Isaac let me give you the 411 in “dress shoes without socks”:
    1/ Always carry bandaids – yet another reason to carry a man bag.
    2/ You can’t start all guns blazing but rather build up over a period of time.  This is especially true at the start of the season.
    3/ It is best to use bandaids and then keep wearing it until it heals so that you can continue to do it regularly without the blisters.
    4/ Different shoes can give you different blisters so it is good to always rotate them!!
    5/ I know bandaids sound gross but trust me they are much better than socks – some people have suggested sockets to me (you know sock ballet slippers) but i am not quite there yet!!!

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