#1937 Vinnie Woolston plays himself in Hilfiger Denim’s Spring 2012 campaign

Vinnie Woolston for Hilfiger Denim Spring 2012. Photos: The Fashionisto

If models can be typecast in much the same way as actors – ie Woody Allen and his self-imposed neuroses, Jackie Chan and his unassuming kung fu heroics, Owen Wilson and himself – then Vinnie Woolston is the perennial mischievous-yet-soulful street kid. By that I mean, whenever I see him in a denim campaign, he’s so utterly believable in the role that you’d think he’d just strolled on set in his own clothes, hung out for a bit in front of the camera and then gone on his merry way. His Spring 2012 Hilfiger Denim campaign was just released today and if you look at the pictures I think you’ll see what I’m getting at.

It’s no small wonder he’s made such a strong career for himself as the jeans guy – he can now add Hilfiger to a long list that includes that racy Wrangler Strangler TV commercial plus multiple print campaigns for Workshop Denim, Replay Jeans and more. And speaking of just rolling on set, I’d bet you any amount of money that the skateboard in the above shot is his own.


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  1. Barbarabaxter says

    You’re out of your mind. A skateboarder – or anyone or have ever seen anyone carry a skateboard – especially a “street” kid would never hold a skateboard like that. You probably just think he’s awesome cause he’s mates with Stolen Girlfriends or Huffer or some shit. GOD NEW ZEALAND is SHIT

  2. Mark Barber says

    Sorry bro but if there was such a thing as a “mischievous-yet-soulful street kid” then this idiot wouldn’t fit the bill and his skate “steez” is wrong is so many ways.

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