#1939 ACNE’s kitschy, incorrectly-labelled tourist sweaters are all kinds of awesome

Photos: The Fashionisto

Due in no small part to budgetary constraints (and the fact that my daily wardrobe is ascetic to say the least), I don’t often watch the menswear shows and think, ‘I am going to get me one of those shirts, suits or Hermes emerald green suede henley tees.’ However, when a friend showed me ACNE’s postcard sweaters from the Fall 2011 collection, I decided that in this case, the forbidden fruit must be tasted. I’m obsessed. It’s a combination of the navy blue, maroon and grey marle colourways; the slim, cropped shape; and the amazingly kitschy, incorrectly-labelled tourist prints. I might even go so far as to get two – blue and maroon. Speaking of which, AS Colour are about to release a new navy box crew and a new maroon tee shirt, so Katherine and I are currently locked in ruthless negotiations over releasing a limited edition print run of THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS sweaters and tees. Holla! Keep an eye out.

Side note: This full length duffel coat from the same collection is also awesome.


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  1. Ramesh says

    Reminiscent of that old film, ‘Kentucky Fried Movie.’ This contains a spoof martial arts mini-film titled, ‘A Fistful of Yen,’ which starts off with the title ‘Hong Kong’ and then pans along a harbour aerial shot terminating at the Statue of Liberty. Then it has the villain saying to a CIA spy, ‘We won’t torture you to get you talking; I’ll send you to Detroit instead.’

  2. isaaclikes says

    Good news for Kiwis – Zambesi is going to be stocking the men’s collection as of Fall next year. Holla!

  3. Micheal M says

    I really want to see those shirts as well, so crisp! Why do Swedes have to be effortlessly cool all the time

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