#1943 Ovadia & Sons’ S/S 2012 collection is great enough for Gatsby

Photos: Sartorially Inclined

The first time I remember hearing about Ovadia & Sons was three weeks ago today, on July the sixth, when GQ interviewed the designers/twin brothers for its 10 Essentials spot. Then one of those things happened where every time I turned around, I’d see their name. Needless to say I’m late to the party on this one, but I’m pleased to have arrived – the brand’s offering for S/S 2012 is pretty close to my dream collection: the pants are slim and cropped with fat cuffs and a longer rise (nothing kills me more than men’s pants with a short rise); the blazers are cut trim through the body with wide lapels and schoolboy short sleeves; and the colours are bold and look like they’d go with just about anything you could throw at them. That blue blazer below – dayamn. If Jay Gatsby was alive and well and living in 2012, I’m pretty sure that he’d be wearing Ovadia & Sons. Brought back to life by Leonardo DiCaprio later this year, who knows? Maybe he will be.


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  1. bob harris says

    don’t you claim to follow L.A.S. on blogspot and tumblr? then how have you missed these 2 brothers? He’s been blowing their trumpet for close to 2 years now….

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