#1945 Zambesi’s S/S 2012 campaign features two boys, a girl, and – gasp – colour

Photos: Marissa Findlay

In a fun little episode of life imitating art, I’m currently sitting in my chair, typing away, wearing the exact same shirt that David Kemp is wearing in the photograph above. I know what you’re thinking – how is that a Zambesi shirt? It’s so bright! The answer is simple my friends: S/S 2012 is the typically moody label’s most colourful in 30 years of business. Shot here in campaign form by Marissa Findlay (daughter of Zambesi’s founders Elisabeth and Neville), and featuring three platinum blondes (David Kemp, Joshua Skelton and Krystal Glynn), the collection takes on a sort of eerie, Star Trek uniform feel – particularly in the flesh-coloured looks below. Back in May when I spoke with menswear designer Dayne Johnston about the uncharacteristically vibrant hues, he said, “The bright colours were picked because we liked them.” Can’t argue with that.


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  1. Amanda says

    ooooh I  love! I just bought my Deerhunter Orb leather cape thingy, wore it yesterday and had a tonne of comments on it. So off to Zambesi I go…again! YUS! Love the roseprint dress. And how many men would I like to see wearing the rose print shirt & either of the coloured belts? Many men. That’s how many.  

  2. donuts. says

    wants this! the suits look sharper than a pencil thrown through a wood chipper! And such a beautiful shoot, love the blondes! I shall be checking out the rest of S/S very very soon! Lastly… “Le Dolce Vita”

  3. Rolex says

    I’m not feeling much presence from the female model think they should have gotten someone with better cheek bones but I’m really liking Joshua Skelton’s look. Especially the solo photo of him holding the bag. My fav shot from this campaign.

  4. Lasitha Salpitikorala says

    As much as I hate to admit it.. I think Michael Whittaker pretty much owns that title.. at least for the time being.. 

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