#1946 I may have made a couple of girls cry during my New Zealand’s Next Top Model appearance

Having seen the New Zealand’s Next Top Model episode promo, my mum is feeling rather nervous about my appearance on the show tonight. “It’s a hatchet job,” she said. “They’re going to make you look as nasty as they possibly can.” The truth is, I was invited on the show to judge the girls’ runway walks, and I undertook the task to the best of my abilities. If that meant upsetting a couple of model-hopefuls in the process then so be it. What’s a little constructive criticism between people who’ve just met? The entire experience was as much of a good time as I imagined it would be – in between takes Colin Mathura-Jeffree and I horsed around on stage at the Skycity Theatre, ate fantastic sandwiches and took the opportunity to lecture the girls on the dos and don’ts of international modelling. At this early stage, if I was to pick favourites, the two that stood out miles above the rest were Rosanagh and Brigette. My money’s on one of them to win. Check out my comments, below.

Great intensity in Bianca’s face, but what’s with the side-on posing? And with that hat covering her up I have no idea what she actually looks like. Regardless, the girl can walk.

Like I said to Bianca lose the hat, and use that red hair don’t hide it. You have an amazing body but tone down that booty pop at the end of the catwalk and lower your chin, we don’t want to see the insides of your nostrils.

As a fuller-figured girl the casting directors won’t come calling too often, but that said, you walk with confidence and judging by the hands-on-hips catalogue pose at the end of the catwalk, you’ll probably be able to nut out a career as a commercial model. But get rid of those sneakers.

Lesbians of the 90s rejoice: we’ve found your missing member in Hillary from Gore. As the shortest member of the group you are literally crazy not to be wearing nine inch heels 100% of the time, but short girls like Zippora Seven, Bamby Northwood Blythe and Kate Moss can go far. You might just have that potential too.

Watching you backstage before you walked the runway, you were the extrovert of the group. You were moving and dancing around like a video hofessional. Channel that energy into your walk. You look lost up there. You have the total package, height body and face.

Brigette looks like a model but her walk has no confidence, energy or life. She’s in my top two of all the girls in the competition. But she needs to seriously up the X factor. Just let go.

If it were up to me on looks alone Rosanagh would win the entire competition. Her walk needs work. I’m talking about the side-on pose, the lack of energy and the lack of intensity in the face. But the outfit needs serious work. Tights are not, never will be and never should be worn as pants and once again: always always always wear high heels.

I like AJ, she’s kind of kooky and weird and she looks like she might just trip up on the catwalk, but it’s all so endearing that you can’t help but smile. Stay still at the end of the runway, relax. There’s a very fine line between cool and awkward. Always air on the side of caution.


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  1. Anna Starr says

    You dont seem nasty at all Isaac! All the girls look like they’re really listening to you, loving the encouragement to plus size models!!

  2. says

    Brigette’s so forgettable though, I don’t know if it’s just that they decided not to show her much but I honestly get a shock when I see her on there. I agree with Rosanagh though. She’s my pick to win. She’s got the unique foreign girl look

  3. AgonyAuntArthur says

    Uncle Bully in a fashion shoot! That was like a NZ feminist version of a Terry Richardson  shoot. I thought that was a fascinating juxtaposition. But its a show for teens so wrong audience… Give whatshername her own show!…Late night with whatshername!

  4. oldirl says

    Brigette may not have much to say or much personality  but she is the only one who looks like a model, the rest are just nice kiwi girls all a bit plain really and would never make it overseas..so who cares if Brigette has not much to say she only has to walk down a catwalk or take a great shoot, it should not be a personality  contest, you looked cute Isaac

  5. tigerlily says

    I think it is awful you talked down “fuller-figure” Aroha. She is a normal sized girl, a healthy size, and has so much vibrancy which the other girls, while skinnier, do not. The fashion industry disgusts me by making thin, skinny girls superior. You are no better. By reinforcing how unsuccessful a “fuller-figure” model might be, you are carrying on this discrimination. 

  6. Dietician says

    I’m sorry to shatter your delusion, but medically speaking Aroha would clearly be considered overweight, while the other girls all look to be at normal weight. Aroha is not a “healthy” size, ask any qualified doctor or nutritionist/dietitian and they will tell you that just by looking at her. What is TRULY awful is the new trend of normalising being overweight.
    Just because so many people have trouble maintaining a normal weight, doesn’t mean we should be patting overweight people on the back and saying they’re a healthy size to make them feel better.

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