#1947 James Goldstein is a professional enjoyer of life

James Goldstein.

Meet James Goldstein: leather connoisseur, NBA superfan, fashion week regular, professional enjoyer of life. I’ve had a small obsession with the man ever since I met him at the Rick Owens show in summer of 2009 – he wore a bright yellow Galliano jacket with a Warhol-esque banana applique on the back, leather pants and a python hat. He’s one of those guys who’s always there, but nobody seems to know his deal. Legend has it he made bank on real estate investments (some say he owned trailer parks); he is credited with being the highest spending fan in the NBA (attending over 100 games per season, courtside, though he doesn’t support any particular team); and he owns a John Lautner-designed Los Angeles house that always seems to pop up in Hollywood movies. But ask him what his deal is, and he’ll dodge the question like a pro. I got a couple of minutes with him before the Yohji Yamamoto show during Paris Fashion Week, and discussed his outfit, his love of Balmain jackets and his favourite bar in the city (snap: it’s the same as mine).

Isaac Hindin Miller: Can you please state your name and your occupation?
James Goldstein: My name is James Goldstein, and my occupation is enjoying life.

IHM: What are you excited about seeing here this week in Paris?
JG: Well I just arrived from Los Angeles last night, and I’ve been to five shows today, this [Yohji Yamamoto] will be my sixth one so I’m going to be seeing shows for the next few days, then I might hang around until Haute Couture, I haven’t decided yet.

IHM: Is there one show in particular you’re excited about seeing?
JG: One show? No. Not this time. I generally don’t go to the men’s shows, this is only the second time I’ve done it, I always go to the women’s shows, which for me is far more exciting than the men’s shows.

IHM: What’s your personal wardrobe strategy for the week?
JG: My strategy is to wear Balmain jackets, like the one I have on, and another one that I purchased recently, because they’re the most exciting things around right now and I don’t like to wear black clothes in the summer time, and all the men’s collections for the spring and summer were filled with black clothes.

IHM: What are you wearing right now?
JG: So right now I’m wearing a Balmain jacket, with Versace leather pants and a hat that I designed myself and had made in Paris, it’s a snakeskin hat.

IHM: What’s your favourite bar here in Paris?
JG: I like to go to Le Montana, and I also go to the bar at the Plaza quite often.

IHM: And are you a Blackberry or an iPhone man?
JG: I’m very retarded when it comes to phones so one of these days I’ll be making that decision but I haven’t done it yet.

James Goldstein’s personal website.


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  1. Micheal M says

    Thought his comment about the collections being all black was a bit generalised. I mean Jil Sander anyone? Or Prada or Kenzo for the forth coming Spring Summer. 

  2. isaaclikes says

    Hey Michael, I believe he was talking about the spring/summer collections that are in store right now, but Jil Sander, Kenzo and Prada were all extremely colourful. So I’m not sure which collections in particular he was talking about. Should’ve asked him to go into specifics, but I was too mesmerised by his python hat.

  3. Gus says

    I know fashion is your bag Isaac, but this dude owns and lives in a John Lautner house in L.A. Like, he might as well have had sex with Coco Chanel. Seriously, seriously cool.

  4. janelle burger says

    I love seeing this guy at shows! Never spoke to him but I like seeing what kind of leather get up he’ll wear next. 

  5. jimmer says

    Forget Coco Chanel…..the guy got with Jayne Mansfield when he was a college student at UCLA….One of the nicest most unassuming persons you would ever want to meet. …As yes, seriously cool.

  6. Pegilola Suces says

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