#1949 Paris – a week in disposable photos

Zippora Seven at L’as du Fallafel.

Another week sans camera, another set of disposable photos. But here’s the good news: my new Canon DSLR (I’m moving up in the world) should arrive this week from Copenhagen so pretty soon I’ll be shooting like a pro. What follows is another week in real-life, hold-in-your-hand, printed-on-paper photographs.

Hanging in Jardin du Luxembourg with Vanya Polunin, Zippora Seven, Katie Chung and Vinnie Woolston.

Sockless attempt #5.

This is Katie Chung. She’s the creative director of WOOYOUNGMI, super nice, a total babe and her mum is mad famous in Korea. (aka Marriage material.)

Luxembourg Palace.

Zippora Seven with Vanya Polunin at La Perle. Vanya is a real life Russian circus clown. His Dad owns Slava’s Snowshow and he grew up performing in the theatre all over the world, starting as a minor player and graduating to a core member of the company. Later this year he’ll be touring Israel and the UK.

I’ve eaten at least one kebab every day for the past 15 or so days. This is the guy who gives food to the homeless. We’re not on first name basis as of yet, but he’s my mate.

Wladimir Schall and Rafael Wallon at Le Montana.

Vanya, Zippora and me at Le Montana.

Zippora and Vanya on the circular staircase going down to the basement bar at Le Montana.

I took this photo moments before my first Parisian scooter experience. Time of my life.

Look mum and dad: I ate greens this week!

Chez Jeannette – my new favourite sit-down bar in Paris.

The crew on route to Chez Jeannette.

This is Amit Greenberg. He’s an Israeli artist living in Brooklyn and he looks exactly like Mathieu Kassovitz. I’m not sure what he was doing in Paris, but he was the man. The blonde is Athena Zelcovich – she’s an aspiring Parisienne actress (comedienne in French).

L’as du Fallafel – the best falafels in town. (That’s not a typo – we spell it with one l in English.)

This guy runs L’as du Fallafel (and Rue de Rosiers).

The obligatory Eiffel Tower shot from my balcony.


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  1. Tenzin Yangki says

    Nice blog, eager for more ‘professional’ images, although I like these as well, raw and all that.

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