#1952 For the first time in nine years I’m missing New Zealand Fashion Week

Good times at NZFW 2010. Photo: Katherine Lowe

After about six weeks of umming and aahing over whether or not I was going to fly back home to New Zealand for Fashion Week, I finally made the decision last night that I should stay in New York. This is the first time I’ll be missing NZFW in nine years and it’s kind of freaking me out but it’s a question of timing and resources and what’s best for right now and all those other things that your parents used to say when they were telling you that you couldn’t go to Disneyland for the holidays. So that’s that.


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  1. Lasitha Salpitikorala says

     Speechless…. Its amazing how far you’ve come over the years.. thank you for putting NZ in the map in this crazy Universe of fashion blogging … in many ways the same can be said about NZFW.. each year it becomes a little bit more cutting edge.. a little bit more world class…. and NZ’s biggest fashion blogger being MIA at NZ’s biggest fashion event.. *sighs*…

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