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Photos: J Crew

Like just about every other person on this planet, I hate going jeans shopping. If I could, I’d buy them online, but that would involve a giant leap of faith that I don’t think I’m willing to make. My dream jean is a pair of super-tapered 1980s 501s but I’ve had no luck finding them; but seeing as I’m flying to New York this evening, a trip to J Crew is in order. The Liquor Store on Broadway is selling a selection of reissued 501s, including this pair in the original 1947 fit – they’re not quite 80s tapered but I think they’ll do the job. Also on my shopping list: this Levi’s Trucker Jacket. Canadian tuxedo? Here we come.


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  1. Jimmy says

    Love the 47 501 fit but I don’t think it will be slim enough for you. Try the 67 505 LVC. But it’s zip fly, I am more of a button guy myself.

    Does no one stock LVC in NZ? Hmmm maybe I should…….

  2. isaaclikes says

    I think you’re right re the slimness. But I can’t do jeans with a zip fly. They’d feel too cheap. APC New Standards?

  3. Jimmy says

    no hidden rivet and no chainstiching which matters to me.

    If you get a chance go check out SelfEdge in NY, its a one stop high end denim shop then of course there is always Cubic back home, i think you know them :)

  4. ono says

    I have a pair of ’67 505s from Qubic (for anyone reading: Q, not C). Not stocked anymore. I think they will be a little too wide for your liking though Isaac. I’ve had my tapered in and they are still more of a baggy jean.

  5. isaaclikes says

     Yeah I know those jeans – I like them on you but they’d probably be too baggy for me. They’re button fly though right?

  6. ono says

    Yeah they’re button. I would prefer them taken in a little more, but it’s pushing it as it is. Like jimmy said, go to Self Edge. you’re out that way and you can get them to chainstitch the hems to the perfect length while you’re out there (they will let you break them in/initial soak before they take them up. It appears a lot of the jap denim sits at 36” legs or longer)

  7. Jimmy says

    And selfedge is having a sale too. Sorry to the qubic guys for getting it wrong, lovely store by the way.

    If you decide to go flick me an e mail. I’ll let them know the man himself is heading their way.

  8. TheCelibateGay says

    Umm look I am with you on the jeans shopping that is why I have my brand of jeans and I just buy it online.

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