#1955 New York summer in Zambesi colour

Back when I was in Paris complaining about my extreme lack of clothes, Zambesi came to the rescue and sent me a parcel containing a reversible shirt from their upcoming Spring/Summer collection and a 100% customised one-and-a-half-breasted suit (more on that later). Now that I’m in New York where the weather is actually warm enough to wear something as summery as a short sleeve shirt, I’ll be busting it out on the regular. So far I’ve only tried the orange side, but tomorrow I’m going to roll with the magenta – reversible equals twice as many wears for half as many washes. Hot damn, I love that equation.

I’m wearing: a Zambesi reversible short sleeve shirt, Crane Brothers pants and Mark McNairy suede longwings.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Yes you certainly could. You should start getting the short back and sides – fade the sides and back up, leave the top long. Do it Simon do it.

  2. laura says

    please post photos of the reverse also, my brain just can not quite conjure an image of you in bright pink.

  3. scorpion disco says

    genius! i love when guys wear bright colors. cant wait to see the magenta (and I like your haircut, too! sometimes I pay $11 for a haircut. its always a gamble, but that way you have more $ for magenta shirts!)



  4. Lasitha Salpitikorala says

    Im usually very skeptical  about reversible clothes.. somehow seems to work here though!…. still not sure about this Zambesi collection tbh…. I don’t get it..

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