#1956 Public Service Announcement: pay more than $13 for your next haircut

You know what’s not a good call? Walking into a random men’s barbershop in downtown Manhattan and paying $13 to get your hair cut. But that’s what I did first thing this morning. Against my much better judgement I opened the door and sat down in front of a 70 year old haircutter and watched as he hacked away at my head for seven or eight minutes. I stopped him before things got too out of hand. Where’s Richard Kavanagh when you need him??


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  1. AAA says

    I would be inclined to put my money where yo finger at! However it’s still customary to tip eh!? bad haircuts are awkward anywhere, but to tip for one!??

  2. nataliecantell.blogspot.com says

    where’s Kavanagh?

    we recruited him to join the cool kids in Bondi. bad luck buds, you can see him in September if you’re good.

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