#1959 Self Edge is the denim purist’s denim store

It’s a common misconception that Japanese denim is woven on vintage American looms – the Japanese have had their own denim looms for a long time, but the best companies manufacture their jeans using vintage American sewing machines; and that’s where you can tell the difference. That’s one of the first things I was told upon entering the Lower East Side denim-purist store Self Edge this afternoon. You see, when you talk to a real-deal denim fan about jeans, you get schooled in much the same way as you would while discussing social networking sites with Mark Zuckerberg. There are jeans and then there are jeans, and Self Edge carries the second kind. With a host of exclusive brands from Japan plus a couple of American natives, the emphasis is on heritage construction, denim so stiff it could knock a dude out, handmade leatherwear and replicated old-world uniform garments. This ain’t your local dine and dash streetwear store. If you’re in the market for a serious pair of jeans that might last longer than you do, Self Edge is your spot.

Self Edge has three locations:

New York: 157 Orchard St. @ Rivington St. (Lower East Side) New York, NY 10002.

San Francisco: 714 Valencia St. @ 18th St. (Mission District) San Francisco, CA 94110.

Los Angeles: 144 N. La Brea Ave. @ Beverly Blvd. (Mid-City West / Hollywood) Los Angeles, CA 90036.


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  1. Jenny says

    Love the hangers!! And the two-tone blue and camel shoes. And the boots. Did you try on the jeans? Did you buy a pair??

  2. fashion westie says

    Those jeans, the shirts, the wrsity thingys, the shoes, the ‘angers, the belts….are ALL my jam. Don’t just buy something from there, be the official and exclusive distributor/retailer of this stuff!

  3. Ramesh says

    One Japanese company, ICHO, almost exclusively uses vintage looms. Unlike most fashion firms, it weaves most of its own fabric, whether this is linen, cotton or cashmere. At least for menswear, Icho prefers bone and horn buttons over plastic. I think their rationale is that vintage looms produce a more durable fabric.

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