#1960 Rockaway Taco is my jam

Tacos are my culinary crutch. I can’t walk past a Mexican takeout joint without picking one up – and here in New York it’s a rare neighbourhood that doesn’t have two or three on every other street. When you live in a place like New Zealand you’re so far away from the rest of the planet, so most of your knowledge of the world at large comes from movies, TV shows, magazines, newspapers and the internet. When I think of tacos in New York, the first thing that comes to mind is Rockaway Taco thanks to The Selby‘s short film on the little restaurant that could in Rockaway Beach, Queens.

Situated in a decrepit building on the corner of a working class residential street, Rockaway Taco is split in three: the first room houses organic juices, the second Italian ices and the third tacos. You wait in line with about 25 other people in the blazing sun, with convenient little window counters at regular intervals to lure you into buying a juice or ice before you get to the taco spot. I went for the pink lemonade, pineapple ice and a carne taco with guacamole. All three exceeded expectations. $10 well spent. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by.


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  1. TheNoemi says

    you are KILLING me Isaac….am off to Mexico in Nov so my pay is nearing…..I’ve an arsenal of MExican goods.  You, Katherine and Nivin should pop over for a comida Mexicana when you’re back.

  2. Andrew HHM says

    Another example of how far away you are at the moment is
    in the images above. I can’t help but notice that people are in t-shirts. 
    It was 6 degrees in Auckland this morning and it hailed. The joys of Auckland…

  3. Rebeccah says

    Do you think we could find a babysitter so we can join you for two weeks? Bad parents?! Second to last photo for the win

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