#1963 The bluest sweater I ever did own

My Dad’s advice to me on relationships and matters of the heart: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” The Club Monaco salesman’s advice to me when I bought this sweatshirt: “Careful, the ink might bleed.” I would have been well-advised to trust them both. True to the shop assistant’s word, whatever has come into contact with the indigo cotton has developed a blue glow, including other clothing, counter-tops and walls that I happen to have leaned against. Nevertheless, it was $92.50 well spent. As we know, denim goes with everything, so a rich denim-blue sweater’s gotta be the next best thing. The jury’s still out on whether or not I have to wear this guy for six months before I wash it for the first time (a la its trouser counterparts), but I’m fairly sure that it’ll be my first ever sweater to achieve a patina. Who’d’ve thought. True blue for the win.


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  1. Jimmy says

    Mmmm that looks nice… I would wash it straight away in a hot wash with lots of salt. But might shrink so don’t do it if it’s already really fitted.

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