#1964 Jenna Sauers is the most gangsta Kiwi in New York City

Jenna Sauers on the corner of 14th Street and 5th Ave, after the rain.

This post was supposed to be called Shakes with Sauers and all about how fellow Kiwi fashion writer Jenna Sauers introduced me to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park yesterday, but as we were enjoying our cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate shakes, a rain storm caught us that was so violent it obliterated everything in its path – food, conversation and the possibility of snapping a couple of photos. What I can tell you is this: Shake Shack is New York’s answer to California’s In-N-Out Burger and I highly recommend it to one and all (preferably on a dry day).

Now, to the topic of Jenna Sauers herself. Jenna is one of those New Zealanders who makes me proud to be a New Zealander. The amount she has achieved in just two or three short years is hugely impressive – through her role as contributor to Jezebel, she has given voice to the marginalised within the fashion industry, taking on topics such as model exploitation, the plus-size debate and the hyper-sexualisation of children, and done it all with – dare I say – balls of steel.

Her daily Rag Trade column is a must read, but it’s in her longer posts that she really hits her stride – her series on the near demise of American Apparel a few months ago kept me highly entertained and liberally searching Google/Wikipedia for explanations of jargon that was far beyond my intellectual grasp.

If you don’t already know her work, jump on board. It’s a good time. And that way, when she writes her best selling book, you can tell people that you knew her way before she got commercial.



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