#1965 An ode to short sleeve shirts

Reversable orange/magenta short sleeve shirt by Zambesi.

Short sleeve shirts get a bad rap, due in no small part to high school accounting teachers and real life accountants who wear them one size too big, crisply ironed so the sleeves stick out like batwings, tucked into wool blend dress pants worn way above the belly button. It was Mr McGregor who turned me off them in my third year of Burnside High School. Fantastic economist, not so fantastic wearer of short sleeve shirts.

I got back into them for a bit when friends of mine started wearing Hawaiian versions oversized and open, reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet, but the thing that really did it for me was spotting a light blue oxford version for €19.90 at Uniqlo last summer. I discovered that if I threw it on over a white tee, rolled up the sleeves and shoved a small paperback in the front breast pocket, I suddenly transformed into one of those awesome 1950s gas pump cowboys the likes of which you read about in 20th century American road novels.

Since then, I’ve been on an acquisition spree. I’m up to four so far (two from Zambesi, one from Uniqlo and the most recent from Unis), but I’m just getting started. If you want to dip your toe in the water, you can’t beat the price or simplicity of Uniqlo’s offering; for something a little more fancy try Zambesi; or if you’re in New York, head down to Unis – all their shirts are on sale at 60% off right now. Get in the game.

Sheer blue/black check cotton silk voile short sleeve shirt by Zambesi.

Light blue oxford cloth short sleeve shirt by Uniqlo.

Which looks good on girls too, as evidenced by Katherine Lowe

And goes down a treat alongside celebrity fashion designers.

This red and white seersucker-esque stripe version is my latest acquisition. I got it from Unis in Nolita. I might not look happy to be wearing it, but trust me, I am.


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