#1966 Tim Finn stars in the new Crane Brothers campaign

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller

Before we had Flight of the Conchords and Lord of the Rings, and we wanted to drop something a little more rock’n’roll than Sir Edmund Hillary (the man who first climbed Mount Everest) or Lord Rutherford (the man who first split the atom) or our highly progressive women’s suffrage movement; New Zealand’s communal claim to fame was Crowded House – the 80s/90s pop rock band that achieved worldwide fame following the release of their song Don’t Dream It’s Over. Started by his brother Neil, Tim Finn was a sometimes-member of Crowded House, joining the group in 1990 and touring with them for the next couple of years; not to mention a founding member of Split Enz, another storied Kiwi band. So with all that in mind, the man is New Zealand rock royalty.

Murray Crane has been a lifelong fan, and tipped him to star in the Crane Brothers Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. “As a 10 year old I still remember being captivated by his look and music on albums like Dizrhythmia so to have him wearing clothes I have designed and produced all these years later is a huge deal,” says Crane. “For me he epitomises the Crane Brothers customer present past and future.”

In other news, Finn is evidence that going grey needn’t be a cause of concern, which is great for me, because with my genes and the fact that about 8000 more greys seem to pop up everytime I look in the mirror, I’ll be at his level within five or so years. Something to look forward to.


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  1. anon says

    It’s Edmund Isaac, and Crowded House might have been more commercially successful on an international level, but Split Enz were WAY COOLER

  2. Jimmy says

    What a legend!! Seirously people wear a belt with your suit Please. without it the outfit just look unfinished and untidy.

  3. Ilovemorrissey says

    Tim is an incredibly handsome man and I have always wondered whether others had noticed that! I was he would get more into acting too. Much hotter now than when he was younger, he gets better with age…

  4. Mareejordan1 says

    belts are for waiters and country road customers.let us leave it rock and roll please. Loving Tim,handsome and so so sartorial.

  5. anon says

    Wtf is right!

    From a photographers
    perspective, the lack of any energy in these photos stands out; Tim
    Finn is a hugely diverse rock star, but here he’s
    standing/sitting/leaning static & emotionless (like a test shoot
    model) in a suit.

    I don’t know how
    relevant the suit is in this campaign? but it looses almost all
    detail from poor lighting and/or an average camera. Compare this
    shoot with any fashion campaign, including the crane brothers

    There are so many
    examples of good (fashion) shoots with famous people, that can sum up
    a persona and promote an outfit, ie http://tinyurl.com/3scwr8l
    …the clothes have detail and add personality to an amazing man’s life..

  6. anon says

    I dont get the idea of not wearing a belt with a suit. I cant find any examples of rock stars without belts, except for Bowie in his theatrical period; Im not sure thats what businessmen are going for? any history on this detail Rob?

  7. Jimmy says

    come on Maree belts are very rock and roll. Rock and Roll = leather and accessories!!

    funny you say waiters and country road because those are the type of people i think without a belt! and trouser down the hips…….sigh

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