#1968 Tom Bull isn’t asking for too much, just world domination

Photo: Adam Custins

Tom Bull is the classic Aussie larrikin. The 21 year old Perth native’s presence is felt the minute he walks in a room: He speaks loud with a broad Australian twang, is never far from a cheeky grin and has what one might call a natural aptitude with the fairer sex. Arriving in New York two weeks ago, his first job in the city was the Banana Republic campaign, booked direct out of London. Since then he’s worked just about every day, including a Ralph Lauren lookbook and presentation which landed him on the cover of Wednesday’s WWD. Despite protests from his agents, he chose to grow the beard a few months ago and it doesn’t seem to be doing him any harm. “The goal is a prolonged career with a select group of consistent clients,” he says. “I want to do a Ralph Lauren exclusive and a fragrance. A lot of models have a short shelf-life. I want longevity.” Something tells me he’s going to go far. Watch this space.


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  1. Nomis says

    I wander how you feel looking back on a lifetime of modeling (for those who manage to make a lifetime out of it), you should write an article/do an interview with some long-timers… 

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