#1972 All the cold weather clothes I wish I’d brought

Photos: Katherine Lowe

When I left New Zealand some two and a half months ago, I was planning on being away three or four weeks tops, then flying over to America at the beginning of September for Fashion Week. Plans changed, and here I am in the States with one suitcase full of clothes and no plans to go back home. So here’s the thing: I’m fine for the next four or so weeks, but as soon as the temperatures start dropping, I’m pretty much screwed. Attached is a list of clothing that I’d quite like to be teleported my way. First up, the sweater my mum knitted me for Christmas last year and my Crane Brothers heavy-weight blue blazer, as seen above. (My highly concerned facial expression is the result of a car reversing straight into another one – Parisian drivers.)

My Working Style DB blazer – pretty much the most gangsta item of clothing I own.

My one-size too small hand-knitted sweater made by the lovely ladies at Masco in downtown Auckland.

My multicoloured Zambesi scarf. (Are you kidding me? I am Queen’s Boulevard.)

My Jack Spade woollen shirt jacket and Untouched World merino mink scarf.

My Crane Brothers plaid DB overcoat.

My Stolen Girlfriends Club angora cardigan.

My Zambesi baseball jacket.

My black Crane Brothers overcoat (one of only two black items of clothing I own).

My green marle Uniqlo cardigan and grey marle Standard Issue sweater.

My Little Brother duffel coat.

That R&G blazer I wish I’d bought.

My orange marle Uniqlo v neck.

James K Lowe’s vintage duffel that I’ve stolen and worn for like two years now.


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  1. TheCelebateGay says

    Isaac who knew that you had so many winter clothes…  wait your from NZ now I get it!!  I am surprised myself how summery my wardrobe is after 3 years in Sydney.  Now I find myself wondering how I will possibly gets chance to wear the 6 or so pairs or dress shorts this summer!!  You should get katherineisawesome.com to bring you over some essentials!

  2. Rebeccah says

    Conveniently every item except the R & G blazer you wish you’d bought are sitting in my wardrobe. If you know someone coming to New York, I’ll pop them all in a suitcase for you.

  3. isaaclikes says

     Yeah I guess I do. The Working Style DB is an amazing jacket – I got it made for me about three years ago. I don’t actually have any more photos of it but as soon as I get it sent over I’m shooting it dead.

  4. Sylvia says

    Wow, a guy who can dress himself well is hot, just sayin’.

    On a totally unrelated matter: you single? Looking? 😀

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