#1976 Let the NYFW games begin

Alex and Dana from Argentina.

New York Fashion Week is just two weeks away and the models have arrived – you can’t walk down the street without tripping over a bunch of tall teens huddling around a map searching out their next casting. I spent the day trailing Tom Bull and every which way we turned, another Australian seemed to jump out of the crowd. In a three block radius we saw Vanessa Milde, Luci Taffs and Rose Smith. Add them to the contingent who’ve been in town a few weeks already and it’s as if half of Sydney has transplanted itself over here. The only New Zealander we encountered was Tyson Kennedy of Steriogram/Fat Boy fame, but fellow hairdresser Richard Kavanagh is arriving to stay with him tonight. It’s all happening. Let the games begin.

Alex’s pink Jesus piece.

Tom Bull outside Vanessa’s Dumplings in Chinatown where lunch for two came in at a very reasonable five dollars.

Me and Tyson Kennedy in Chinatown.

Australians in New York – Tom Bull and Vanessa Milde on Broadway.

Taking a break in the shade.

Me and Corinna Studier, my old, old friend who just arrived in the city last night.


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  1. says

    hahahah, its soo funny to find faces i actually know! Buenos Aires Fashion weeks was a few weeks ago and i dont know, its so amazing to see models reaching new york and paris. As a photographer that makes me really happy!

    Your blog is amazing!

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