#1982 An NZFW tribute… to me!

Anouk Rondel. Photos: Katherine Lowe

I have never in my life missed New Zealand as much as I’ve missed it this week. Watching all the Fashion Week coverage online – the shows and parties and backstage antics – has left me with a serious case of FOMO, and though I’m loving being here in New York, the homesickness has been kicking in something chronic. Being the sweetheart that she is, Katherine Lowe rallied the troops and put together a tribute post in my absence, featuring some of my favourite faces from back home. Special thanks to everybody involved, it made my day. I miss you all too!

Imogen Watt.

Connor Nestor (so seductive).


Kendell Tobin.

Maroon Chucks!!

Nicole Warne.

Olivia Lefebre.

Chloe and Rosie Herdman.

Ben Paul.

Norrie Montgomery.

Penny and Style Hive.

Ollie Rose.

Sophie and Gabrielle.

Tiffany Low.

Ella Verberne.

And the girl who put it all together, Katherine Lowe. One thousand thank yous.


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