#1983 Kiwis in New York – Emily Baker

Photo: Justin Wu

This city flips me out on a daily basis. Yesterday afternoon I walked out of my building and ran smack bang into Emily Baker – the Kiwi model who booked 60 shows in her freshman season, plus the Hilfiger, DSquared2 and Gucci campaigns, then debuted at number 31 on models.com‘s top 50 ranking list. That’s the sixth time in a couple of weeks that I’ve randomly bumped into Kiwis on the street. You know what I love about her? Success hasn’t changed her one bit. She’s still the unassuming girl I met backstage at Alexander Wang last season, with just a hint more self confidence. I cannot wait to see how she goes this time around. We’ll await developments with keen interest. GO THE KIWIS!


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  1. Jenny says

    Either the world’s a very small place OR there are successful Kiwis everywhere OR both. Must be really uplifting bumping into them wherever you go. Hope it keeps happening.

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