#1985 Kiwis in New York – Richard Kavanagh

There are plenty of New Zealanders doing impressive work right now, but hairdresser Richard Kavanagh is an example of a guy who, in my eyes, is absolutely killing it. I’ve told the story of his first meeting with Guido so many times I’m not even sure which parts I’ve fabricated at this point, but here it goes again: Richard was backstage at a New York Fashion Week show about seven seasons ago shooting a live cross for TVNZ’s Good Morning, when a bunch of models arrived extremely late to hair and makeup. Everyone went into full blown panic mode and like a true New Zealander, Richard rocked up to Guido, the most famous name in hairdressing, and asked if he could give him a hand.

Guido put him to work, and within moments Richard was blow drying and ironing and twisting and flipping and styling like a boss. His cool disposition under pressure obviously impressed Guido, because at the end of the show Richard was advised to come along to the next one, and then the next one after that and the next one after that. Fast track a couple of seasons, and he’s now a core member of Guido’s show team and works with him on all the womenswear collections in New York, Milan and Paris.

Richard arrived in town last week and has already shot a Vogue Italia editorial plus a whole raft of other work. His first New York Fashion Week show is Rag and Bone this Friday – I’ll let you know how he goes.



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  1. Jenny says

    Lovely story. Just confirms the adage about being in the right spot at the right time. And of course Richard had the inititiative to put himself forward, which I’m sure he did in that really nice understated Kiwi way. Good on him.

  2. Jonathan Thai says

    ORCHARD AND BROOME!! Right by Barrio Chino. I’m friends with all the staff there. Next time you go in tell them I say hi!

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