#1988 The Isaac Likes content guide to New York Fashion Week

Justin Wu, Shu Pei and me on the Hudson River pier.

New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow at 9:00am with the Steven Alan presentation and finishes nine days later at 8:30pm with the Marc Jacobs show. From now till then, things are going to get a little hectic. The good news is this: There’s going to be plenty of content coming your way – alongside my typical mash up of stories and news snippets, backstage shenanigans and Q&As right here on the blog and the Tumblr, I’m going to be writing show reviews for the New Zealand Herald, and filming video interviews with a whole raft of exciting characters for The Moment, T Magazine‘s online arm. (Special thanks to Mr Bruce Pask for that golden opportunity.) So pretty much what I’m trying to tell you is that I’ll be running around like a mad man shooting photos and video, writing scores of stories and trying to keep myself out of too much trouble. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? I sure hope so – after all, whoever heard of anything good getting done by people with time on their hands?


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