#1993 Duckie Brown before the show – a short film

It’s been a while since I spent any real time backstage at the menswear shows, but this afternoon it happened quite by accident. I arrived 30 minutes early and asked if I could please be allowed into the venue due to the likelihood of expiration by sunlight if I stood outside for too long. The girl on the desk obliged me, I walked in, took a wrong turn and found myself in the midst of a catwalk rehearsal. Never one to let an opportune moment go to waste, I pulled out my camera and filmed what I saw. The best moment came when Mister Daniel Silver lost his patience with the boys’ continued muck ups and delivered the golden line: “Come on guys, this is hardly rocket science!” Happily, they got there in the end. Photos below.

Benoni Loos.

Charlie Westerberg.

Nicolas Ripoll.

Daniel Silver.

Steven Cox.


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  1. Jenny says

    Oh what fun! Those young men look like they’re in trouble at school. I enjoyed the little sergeant major in your video, issuing her orders. And of course it’ll all be right on the night with no evidence of the muck-ups at practice!

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