#1997 Tommy Hilfiger took colour to a whole ‘nutha level

The hottest spot in New York City today was the West Side High Line at 5:30pm. The sun was blazing over the Hudson River with no buildings to filter its fire, and Tommy Hilfiger’s menswear show was running late. Good thing they thought to provide refreshments for the guests, plus plenty of visual spectacle in the form of Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass), Kellan Lutz (Twilight‘s Emmett) and a bunch of other TV actors whose names you can’t quite remember but you know they’re famous all the same.

The collection was as colourful as the crowd. A collegiate take on menswear classics saw blazers reimagined as letterman jackets with contrasting sleeves and ribbed cuffs; anoraks, hooded sweaters and peacoats in technicolour camo; and breton stripes all over everything from shirts and jackets to suit pants. This was as yuppie a range of clothes as you’ll find here in New York, and at times the ‘my other car is a superyacht’ shtick was laid on a little heavy, but you can’t argue with Tommy Hilfiger for pushing prep.

The show highlight was watching the man himself work the catwalk when he took his bow – he’d take a couple of paces, shake a few hands, throw out a couple of high fives and what’s ups to familiar faces in the crowd, then wave at the cameras and repeat the steps on his way backstage. The rest of us can only hope we’re still enjoying our jobs that much after 25 years in business.


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