#1998 The top five things that happened on day three of New York Fashion Week

Bryan Boy.

1. Of all the fashion week friends I’ve made over the years, Bryan Boy is my number one favourite. I walked into the elevator at Milk Studios this afternoon and found him leaning against the wall and literally had to stop myself from making a giant scene and tackling him in a bear hug in front of the New York Times menswear team. Good thing I’m so cool under pressure.

2. James from Yimmy’s Yayo is in town! I ran into him at the N. Hoolywood show tonight. Love that guy. He’s here shooting for Oyster and his blog. Antipodeans do it better.

3. I met illustrator Richard Haines for the first time today and got to watch him in action sketching the runway looks at Tommy Hilfiger. What an insane talent.

4. My favourite Parisian Wladimir Schall is currently working on the soundtracks for 15 of the top shows here in New York. I nabbed him on the runway at Tommy Hilfiger, moments before it all started.

5. Justin Chung and Lawrence Schlossman launched In Passing, a blog dedicated to portraits of every single menswear guy you know and love. Get in the game. It’s a good time.

Justin Chung and Lawrence Schlossman shooting Richard Haines for their new project In Passing.

Wladimir Schall at Tommy Hilfiger.


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  1. Georgia says

    @JRB – in case you hadn’t noticed, this is a blog about Isaac’s life and at the moment, he’s in NY for Fashion Week. He’s been in the industry for a while, so shock horror, maybe he knows some of the people involved in that industry on a personal level!! OMG how narcissistic of him to mention the people he knows on his own blog!Grow up.

  2. Jennie says

    Kudos for networking in such an intense social field of high-end fashion.  And so good to hear nothing about the RWC.  

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