#2004 The good news and the bad news on day six of New York Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj.

Bad news first: I missed two really important shows today, and I swear it wasn’t my fault – Thom Browne, due to Michael Bastian running late, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, due to it running crazy early. I caught a cab down from the Lincoln Center, arrived at the Armory at 8:07pm for an 8:00pm start, and the audience was already filing out of the venue. I mean, come on! Since when did an evening show ever start on the dot at its scheduled time? The good news is that I was hanging around outside the Lincoln Center waiting to interview Tom Bull, when I spied a mass of frizzy blue hair atop a candyland fairy. It was Nicki Minaj and she was saying hello to fans after the Betsey Johnson show. And she was amazing. Other not quite so amazing but still pretty cool stuff I saw today, below.

Danny Beauchamp and Jeremy Young outside Perry Ellis.

Nick Wooster after the Michael Bastian show.

Tyler Thoreson outside Michael Bastian.

Justin Wu and Mark Cox backstage at Perry Ellis.

A male model supermanning his undies during the Perry Ellis rehearsal.

Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist shooting the Park & Bond team after Michael Bastian.

Mordechai Rubinstein and Jared Flint chatting at Michael Bastian.

Mark Cox posing with a fan after he’d signed his Homme magazine cover.

Matvey Lykov doo-raggin out during the Perry Ellis rehearsal.


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  1. Thomas Tymstone says

    Looks like lots of fun and so good behind the scenes stuff. I always like to see the people milling around after. Cool beans/

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