#2005 Perry Ellis before the show – a short film

For my final series of interviews with Tom Bull, I headed backstage to the Perry Ellis show this afternoon to shoot the scene. It was like a who’s who of male modelling up there: Matvey Lykov sat alongside Nicolas Ripoll and Mark Cox as the producer gave them catwalk instructions; the Davenport twins were trailed by massive TV cameras as they got their Q&As on with the guys; and Francisco Cominelli could be seen joking around with Danny Beauchamp outside. But the best cameo of all came from Nicki Minaj who walked out the back straight after the Betsey Johnston show had finished, posing for pictures with fans and answering questions fired at random from the queuing journos. Her answers were drowned out by the screams of teenage girls, but I’m fairly sure they would have sounded something like this: “I just thought the blue wig would make my eyes pop.” Holla.


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