#2007 Kiwis in New York – Zara Mirkin

Zara Mirkin and I go way, way back. It all started at a bar called 420 on Auckland’s Karangahape Road – I was 19, she was younger, we shared a mutual obsession with hip hop and going out at least three nights per week. We worked together once in 2006 – on a styling job for a now defunct online fashion magazine – and I’ve been assured that if the photographs see the light of day, I’ll be murdered. Since then, Zara’s upward trajectory has been truly impressive. Now 24 years old, she’s risen to the top of the game in New Zealand and regularly contributes to top magazines the world over. And, as of three days ago, she’s a newly minted resident of New York City. I caught her at the Karen Walker show this afternoon, dressed inappropriately for the weather in a red velvet top. “I’m so hot,” she complained. I concur. Holla!


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  1. Barney says

    Oh god Zara is so lame. She worse than Murray Bevan. Have you every met anyone who thinks she so shithot?!! typical Auckland – tehactually talented ppl can overseen for Zara’s of the world

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